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Please select a membership or donation from the following list:** Supplies (I.e Flux, solder, foil etc.) used are subject to a small “by donation fee” to help cover the cost and help us keep supplies in stock for everyone and continue to provide services to our beautiful valley!! (This donation is not required for courses or events as supplies are covered by ticket costs) *Prices are subject to change

Monthly Memberships: Monthly memberships have 25% discount and Yearly memberships have 40% discount for events!

  • Supporter Level (basic membership with Drop-in privileges and discounted event tickets) – $10/month – Buy Now
  • Family Membership (2+ kids 2 adults) – $25/month – Buy Now
  • Yearly Membership (individual) -$100/year –Buy Now
  • Yearly Family Membership- $200/year- Buy Now

Memberships for Business:40% discounts for events on both plans!

  • $50/ Business Monthly Membership (covers 5 employees)- Buy Now
  • $75/Premium Business Monthly Membership (Covers 5+ employees and consultation with qualified Volunteers) – Buy Now

Drop-in Rate/Day Pass **No Discounts on events

  • $15/ Drop-in rate- Have member privileges for the day! Buy Now
  • Ask us about hosting group events for you and your friends!